First Experiences

I’m here and having a great time.

The first few days I was running around getting things I need, bedding, friends, etc… Walmart here is called Big W –which I think is hilarious. My room is basically a single dorm room — we share a kitchen and bathroom. The housing is all students and a very friendly, social environment.  We live across the street from uni and just blocks from a great street that’s something of a Little Italy.

We went to a footy (Australian Rules Football, AFL) game last week. We spent a lot of the time trying to figure out what the rules are exactly, it’s an interesting game — closest to rugby I’d say, but less physical. It’s amazing how accurately they kick the ball on the run, which they do all the time. The field is ovular and the goal posts jet high in to the air. The players seemed just short broomsticks or they could play quidditch.

Jet lag had me waking up pretty early for probably 2 or 3 days, but I’ve adjusted pretty well. I’ll post about my welcome program and some pictures soon. Keep checking back for updates.

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