What I’ve Been Doing..

I’ve been pretty busy — mostly with school stuff. Projects have been hitting hard as the semester winds down.  Made a digital thermometer in electronics, kind of cool.  We had a CS project that was to create a kind of online game, but really more closely resembles a glorified IRC.

I was inspired by NSA@Home and other similar projects to start learning about FPGA’s.  I got a Nexys 2 to try out. Verilog is the programming language of choice for FGPA’s and has taken a little getting used to.  I’ve been too busy to make real strides with it, but hopefully when I have more time, something interesting will come of it.

Today, I bought a motorcycle.  It’s a 1996 Honda CBR F3 600.  I’m pretty psyched about it, I’ve been wanting a bike for a long time and finally have one.  I have my license already but I definitely need some more practice… PICTURES are posted in a gallery..

Unfortunately, I also washed my car today for the first time in months.  This is unfortunate  because it (inevitably) proceeded to downpour due to a thunderstorm.

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