Update on various things

I saw Mark Warner the other day (former Virginia governor), and shook his hand. He was very charismatic and a good speaker. I am confident he will be a good person to have in the Senate for the entire US.

Jay-Z and Beyonce got married recently (both are very talented artists) — and I saw an article mentioning that they sang both duets and solos at their wedding.  I really want to know if Jay-Z sang 99 Problems.

Also, I’ve been a growing fan of DC based Wale, I think he’s gonna make it, check him out.  He sounds a lot like Lupe Fiasco. He’s performing at Rock the Bells, which I went to last year but probably am not gonna make it to again this year..

I was interested in waste, and decided to see how well it would work on my Mac using wxWidgets. Answer: not very well.  The source didn’t compile, it ended up needing another import line to compile properly and then when it did the windows wouldn’t focus and allow them to be clicked.  I tried Ubuntu, with the import fixed the program compiled and ran but any operation resulted in a seg fault — not sure what’s going on here but perhaps I’ll try to work on it when I get some time.

I realized the other day that most websites had a major vulnerability in that while sending passwords may be secure they do not secure cookies, therefore allowing the entire network to see the cookie traffic. I tested it out and successfully duplicated one of my own sessions. I went on to realize that this is called Sidejacking and was covered at the Black Hat conference last year.

I have not put much work into any of my projects on this page. I’m looking into acquiring another laptop which I can use exclusively for development and my side projects, hopefully that will surface soon.

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