My Sandals

No, I am in fact not homeless.

Nearly everyone it seems was very concerned about my sandals.  It was rare I would carry out a conversation with someone I had just met or friends I hadn’t seen in sometime without being questioned about my sandals. The story goes like this..

My brother and I were about to go to Europe and I decided I needed some new sandals, I found my way to the Target store and found some I liked.  They looked similar to rainbows, were comfortable, and cost $10, needless to say I was sold. We depart on our adventure.

By the time we get to Rome, we’ve walked many a mile, primarily in sandals, and my left one has started to acquire a hole in the heel.  This is ridiculous, I just bought these, and they cost me a whole $10.  There is no way I’m throwing these out yet. So, I kept wearing them and the hole steadily grew.  They’ve traveled from Spain to London and to Paris and Rome, Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, numerous trips to the beach, a vacation in Mexico, New York City, San Fransisco, Australia and New Zealand. Finally, it was time that they retired, in Australia they had acquired a new whole and the left one had grown to biblical proportions (maybe not). So they were ceremoniously replaced (not really) with a new pair at the end of my Australian experience.

The new ones are pretty typical australian — havaianas are everywhere there.  Hopefully this pair lasts as well as the one it replaces..

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