I Are an Engineer

This post is inspired by Tommy Murphy’s post of the same name, inspired by the Engineering School t-shirts… Lately there have been some major communications issues and general items that make little to no sense.

First, I shall start off with the bathroom situation in our main building — check out the attached pictures. You will notice that there are two women’s bathrooms RIGHT next to each other, literally, and a sign (which is hard to depict) on the wall which says that the mens rooms are downstairs.. Thanks.

Second, is my ECE lab reports. The lab is completed with partners. We received guidelines with what is expected in the lab report, where it is nowhere indicated that the report is done individually and not with your partner who you did the whole lab. A section of the guidelines say
“· Names of group members

· Date on which the experiment was performed

· Signed pledge

/Pledge and Sign: “On our honor, we have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this report nor have in any way falsified or plagiarized experimental data.”/”
Which implies to me that WE having not received unauthorized assistance on this REPORT implied in fact that WE had done the report. Luckily, my TA was so gracious as allow me to redo the lab report by the next day, not allowing it to go for the first report, but rather rewriting a new report overnight.

Lastly, in my CS class (this is what Tommy posted about orginally) our assignment for writing a report about an assignment we just did said
“We really think you it will take one one-and-a-half pages at most to do this. If you find yourself writing more than that, try to make explain it more briefly. Also, it’s important for this class that you communicate clearly and concisely, and that padding reports or documents with extra words makes for bad written communication.”
I’m not sure which free translator was used from what language but the irony is quite amusing..


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