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As noted below, I have started a small project. It is known as GAMVL, Get AOL Music Videos Leech, which is powered by the GAMV, Get AOL Music Videos, search at I plan to stop posting this here and set up a separate page for this and perhaps real version control if I get ambitious..

Distributed under GPL V2.0

This version updates a number of bug fixes and adds some functionality. Now it includes PS3 transcoding support, however as VLC is limited in its divx transcoding, it uses mpeg2. A progress bar for downloads was added. The old instructions still apply:

  1. Unzip the binary (Or run the source if you have python/wxPython installed)
  2. Run / GAMVL.exe depending on your system
  3. Select the Directory you would like to save music videos to
  4. Search and check off the desired items
  5. Check the iPod/PS3 encoding box if you wish to view these videos on your device. NOTE: VLC must be installed, preferably the NEWEST version, for this to function properly, if you have it installed in a non-default location or are running a different operating system, select the “Set VLC Location” from the file menu bar to find the proper file.
  6. If you select iPod/PS3 encoding and desire to keep both the source and iPod video files, check the box that appears.
  7. hit Go/Queue!
  8. Wait for them to finish, and enjoy.

Please leave comments with any problems, suggestions, appreciation, etc..

Here is the source code.

Here is a Mac OS X binary

Here is a Windows binary

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2 thoughts on “GAMVL Version 0.2

  • NrVous

    Thanks for taking the time to do this. Works great and makes life a lot easier.

    PS. The Url for the windows binary in your post above is wrong.