New Car!

I realize I haven’t posted in the better part of a year, oops.  A lot has happened, and I hope to post a few things to catch up. Some exciting news from me, right around a month ago I purchased a new car.

I sold my Trans Am which I had had for almost exactly 6 years and was on the hunt for something practical and fun. I decided it didn’t make a lot of sense to have a motorcycle and a trans am as my only means of transportation. I had been looking at a couple of wrx’s and cts’ but hadn’t found anything quite like I was looking for. My search was made significantly more difficult by my requirement of having a manual car.

I happened to see a listing for a 2003 Infiniti G35, 4 door, manual, with 52k miles for a good price.  It was pretty much the combination of everything I had been looking for.  A sporty car, but 4 doors and low miles which make it more practical and also easier to deal with knowing that I am likely going to be living for several years without easy access to a garage to work on cars.

After basically a month of driving and a bit over a thousand miles, the car has been great so far and I love it.

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