John Henry and The Treadmill

I realize I haven’t written much of anything lately, but things have still been going on..

I’ve spent a lot of time working, this is good because I get money, this is also bad because it is quite time consuming. However, I have had enough time to do some interesting things.

I went to New York last weekend, which was a great trip. The Chinatown bus however is becoming a less pleasant experience. Since gas has gone over $4/gallon, apparently the buses are becoming increasingly swamped which resulted in my friends and I not getting a seat on our originally scheduled bus. The way home on Sunday evening was quite good. There has been a lot of talk of new buses ( and are two of the big ones ) that offer $1 rides or other gimmicks — however this appears to be only if you book signifigantly in advance, which in my mind defeats a large part of the convenience of Chinatown buses which provide cheap ($35 ROUND TRIP DC->NYC) spontaneous tickets.. I’ve attached a picture from the top of the Met, one of the best views of NYC.

So, I’m sure there are many other runners out there who would be disappointed that a treadmill cuts off after a certain time (particularly one runner I recently read about who was attempting to break a treadmill marathon time…), but I have a new found appreciation for the cut off. My treadmill cuts off after 30 minutes, and when you get that thing moving (Around 9 or higher speed), it’ll start sounding quite loud.. It’s somewhere between an econobox trying to drive the hills in San Fransisco and a jet preparing for takeoff, either way it sounds like its trying — almost as hard as I am. After you’ve been running hard on it for awhile and it cuts off at 30 minutes it gives up and cuts off. I realize it is programmed to do this, but it still provides me satisfaction, perhaps more than it should.

The View from the top of The Met

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