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This post introduces a small project I started yesterday. Yesterday, being done with exams I decided to write a little program. Based on the search at, I decided to write a user interface to make this process at least in my mind, more useful. Thus was born GAMVL (Get AOL Music Videos Leech), with the GAMV being the search used.

I wrote the program in python using wxPython as the gui and urllib2 to search for the videos and acquire them.

Distributed under GPL V2.0

To operate the program:

  1. Unzip the binary (Or run the source if you have python/wxPython installed)
  2. Run / GAMVL.exe depending on your system
  3. Select the Directory you would like to save music videos to
  4. Search and check off the desired items
  5. Check the iPod encoding box if you wish to view these videos on your ipod. NOTE: VLC must be installed for this to function properly, if you have it installed in a non-default location or are running a different operating system, select the “Set VLC Location” from the file menu bar to find the proper file.
  6. If you select iPod encoding and desire to keep both the source and iPod video files, check the box that appears.
  7. hit Go/Queue!
  8. Wait for them to finish, and enjoy.

Notes: You can search and add more videos while some are going. The status bar at the bottom doesn’t properly indicate when an operation has finished so it is best to check the actual files. Transcoding into iPod format is rather strenuous on the computer, so the computer may slow down and fans start to spin faster. An average video is ~30mb.
If you’re having trouble getting trasncoding to work, make sure your VLC is the newest version available.

Update (12-19-07): I realized there was a problem with how multi-threading of VLC so changed that. Unfortunately, this doesnt fully work under windows yet but Mac/others should be able to take advantage of it

Here is the source code.

Here is a Mac OS X binary

Here is a Windows binary

Here is the link to the older files

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One thought on “Introducing GAMVL

  • talula123

    I’ve been enjoying this software all morning, then it suddenly stopped getting results. As did the original GAMV and phpGAMV. Hopefully just temporary?