Back from the Dead! 1

My site is back after a brief hiatus.

First I must say you should head over to and sign up, it’s a really cool service. 🙂 my friend name is prometheusx so feel free to friend me when you sign up. (if friend can be a verb)

Yeah so my sites been down for awhile because the evil internet gods have all been out against me. After losing to people who buy as many names as they can it was a little disappointing. Now I’ve been battling Apache, .htaccess, MySQL, and WordPress (don’t worry if that doesnt make any sense, you’re normal) to bring my site back up, and hopefully better than ever. 🙂

I included a bunch of pictures that were on my site before down below, hope you enjoy them. Put my downloads off to the left, not much there maybe I’ll add more eventually..

Feel free to comment about how glad you are that I’m back 😛 or if I forgot something you think I should add or if you want me to add you somewhere or something 🙂

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